Photo of restored tiles

Tile Restoration

SaniGLAZE is a safe and environmentally friendly tile and grout restoration and maintenance system that puts an end to unsightly, dirty, and odorous commercial facilities for good.

  • • Restores tile and grout to “like new” condition
  • • Transforms porous surfaces to non-porous
  • • Rejuvenates tile luster and grout brightness
  • • Moisture resistant seal protects from mold, mildew and foul odors
  • • Keeps facilities sanitary and clean with less maintenance
  • • Eliminates the need to replace existing tile
  • • Ideal for hospitals, schools and colleges, manufacturing facilities, municipal and office buildings, and all high traffic commercial restroom facilities.

Professional Cleaning

We get down to the nitty-gritty!


We provide professional carpet, fabric and hard surface flooring cleaning to maintain corporate appearance. We offer maintenance programs that, if used, guarantee your carpet for at least 10 years.

Here’s why cleaning and maintaining your flooring is important:

To keep your new floor looking great and performing at it’s best requires a structured maintenance plan. Not only does this extend the look of your floor, it extends it’s life.

A well maintained floor is also essential for the health and well being of your employees. As flooring starts to break down, that leaves the door open for injuries. But with proper maintenance, your flooring never becomes a workplace hazard.

Carpeting presents a whole other list of challenges. It can cause bacteria and allergens that can make air quality less than ideal. When allergens and bacteria are present, employee productivity may decrease, resulting in additional sick days and a general sense of not feeling well at work. But with proper maintenance, this is a non-issue, and employee productivity remains constant.

Please contact us to develop the ideal maintenance schedule for your floor.