Sustainability Consulting

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One of the hottest topics these days are “green” products. AFR will help you specify environmentally responsible floor covering for your next project.

What is “green” flooring?

To get a better idea, two very credible sources that define “green” are as follows:

  • • The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) states that, “Green is any material or construction method which does not utilize non-renewable and/or non-recycled material or energy sources. Non-renewable materials are those which come from sources which, once depleted, are gone forever, such as petroleum, some materials, and old-growth hardwoods. Green also refers to systems which embody less energy in their manufacturing process or use less energy when in use.
  • • Environmental Building News says that, “Green products are a loosely defined collection of construction products that reduce environmental impact, including reduced energy consumption, protection of the ecosystem, and occupant health.”

How does this apply to floor covering?

On a scale of greenness, floor covering rates increasingly higher if it meets only one or more of these criteria.

  • • Is it made from ingredients that reduce overall material or energy use?
  • • Is it made from salvaged products?
  • • Has post-consumer recycled content?
  • • Has post-industrial recycled content from the products manufacturing process, or from another product’s waste or by products?

Green Flooring:

  • • If “natural” is made from abundant and renewable natural materials
  • • If “hardwood”, is made from certified wood products that were harvested responsibly
  • • If “synthetic”, has attributes that contribute to overall environmental responsibility including low energy use to manufacture or disposal, long cycle, recyclability, reclamation programs, etc.
  • • Is recyclable and/or can be reclaimed and become part of a closed-loop recycling system or recycled into additional useful products
  • • Reduces the need for renovations or replacement